Vateria indica L.

Synonym :
Bangla Name : Shetadrup
English Name :
Family : Dipterocarpaceae
Disease : Diarrhoea, convulsion
Description : Evergreen trees, bark greyish, blotched with white and green, smooth; exudation, sticky, resinous; branchlets puberulus. Leaves simple, alternate; stipule narrow, lateral, deciduous; petiole, stout, stellate pubescent, swollen tipped; lamina oblong, base round, obtuse or cordate, apex acuminate or obtusely acute, margin entire, glabrous, coriaceous,.Flowers bisexual, white, sepals 5, free, lanceolate, covered with stellate hairs; petals 5, white, obovate, spreading, shortly united at base; stamens many, free; filaments hairy; anthers often slightly hairy at base; connective produced into a filiform appendage; ovary superior, ovoid-oblong, tomentose, 3-celled, 2-ovules in each cell; style filiform, glabrous; stigma small. Fruit a capsule,pale brown, Ovoid or oblong-ovoid, lanceolate, tip acuminate; seed one.
Distribution :
Chemical Constituents : Damar resin. 1.06% essential oil in fruit.di-Epicatechiri, fistinidol and afzelechin from bark. Seeds yield a semi-sohd fat, known as piney tallow or dhupa fat.
Uses : The plant is used in Diarrhoea, convulsion.
Habit : Tree