Synonym : Portulacastrum monogynum (L.) Medik.
Trianthema flexuosa Schumach. & Thonn.
Trianthema monogyna L.
Verbesina aquatica Noronha
Bangla Name : Gadabani, Labuni, Shet Punarnava, Sabuni.
English Name : -
Family : Aizoaceae
Disease : asthma,amenorrhoea,rheumatism,oedema,dropsy,ascites.
Description : A glabrous, prostrate somewhat succulent annual herb with a firm tap root, stems more or less angular. Leaves subfleshy, obliquely opposite, unequal, the upper one of the pair the larger, 2-3.8 cm long, the lower 10-13 mm long, broadly ovate, rounded or apiculate at the apex, cuneate at the base. Flowers solitary, sessile, almost concealed by the pouch of the petiole. Capsule small.
Distribution : Rajshahi, Chittagong, Jessore, Kushtia, on fallow lands and roadsides.
Chemical Constituents : The plant contains water-soluble bases and potassium salts. Punarnavine and a new alkaloid, trianthemine and ecdysterone are present in the aerial parts. They also contain oxalic acid. 5,2?-dihydroxy-7-methoxy-6,8-dimethylflavone and 5,7-dihydroxy-6,8-dim
Uses : The plant is alexiteric, analgesic, stomachic and laxative, cures bronchitis, piles, ascites and heart diseases. Decoction of the plant is used as vermifuge and in rheumatism. Powdered root is abortifacient and cathartic, used in asthma, amenorrhoea and t
Habit : Herb