Synonym : -
Bangla Name : Boishaki, Panijama, Baishi, Bias, Paniahijal (Sylhet), Panijuma, Jikol (Chittagong)
English Name : -
Family : Salicaceae
Disease : Febrifuge.
Description : A small to medium-sized, deciduous tree. Leaves 5-12.5 cm long, lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, caudate-acuminate, entire or more usually serrulate, green and glabrous above, pale or white beneath. Flowers small, appearing after the leaves. Male catkins 5-12.5 cm long, sessile or on leafy shoots. Female catkins 2.5 cm long on leafy shoots. Capsules 3.8-5 mm long.
Distribution : Throughout the country, usually grow by river and canal bank and depressions.
Chemical Constituents : -
Uses : The barks are used as a febrifuge.
Habit : Tree