Synonym : -
Bangla Name : Chhoto Kut, Muya-muya.
English Name : Arrowhead.
Family : Alismataceae
Disease : Skin diseases, boils , abscess and ulcers.
Description : A scapigerous herb of pools and marshes. Rhizome thick, tuberous, stoloniferous. Leaves radical, 5-20 cm long, very variable, the first leaves of the young plants is very slender and very acute, the next one or two smooth, with more or less divergent basal lobes. Petioles up to 60 cm long, 3-gonous. Scape 15-45 cm long. Flowers 13-20 mm diam., white, often with purple claw, in 3-5 whorls along the scape with 3-5 flowers in each whorl.
Distribution : Many areas of the country in swamps.
Chemical Constituents : Tubers contain starch, sugars, dextrose, fructose, galactose, raffinose and stachyose. They also contain l-asparagine, an alkaloid, a phytosterol, a phytosterolin, fatty acids and steroidal sapogenins (Ghani, 2003). Plant also contains hentriacontanone an
Uses : The plants are used to check the flow of milk in mothers, in retention of placenta and skin diseases, mixed with vinegar as a poultice for boils and abscess. Leaves are applied to foul sores and in depressing scrofulous ulcers, smashed with molasses used
Habit : Herb