Pandanus odorifer (Forssk.) Kuntze.

Synonym : Pandanus odoratissimus L. f.
Athrodactylis spinosa J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.
Bromelia sylvestris Burm.f.
Keura odorifera Forssk.
Pandanus odoratus Salisb.
Bangla Name : Keya, Ketaky, Keora, Keurikanta, Kewa kanta.
English Name : Screw pine, Caldera Bush.
Family : Pandanaceae
Disease : Alexiteric, tonic , aphrodisiac, leprosy, small-pox, syphilis, scabies , leucoderma, diabetes, headache , rheumatism, diuretic, depurative and tonic.
Description : A much-branched shrub or a small tree, up to 6 m high, stem supported by aerial roots. Leaves 0.9-1.5 m long, ensiform, caudate-acuminate, the marginal spines pointing forward. Male fowers: spadix with numerous subsessile cylindric spikes. Female flowers: spadix solitary, 5 cm diam. Fruit an oblong or globose syncarpium, 15-25 cm long.
Distribution : Coastal areas including St. Martin’s and sporadically in other districts.
Chemical Constituents : Bracts of flowers yield an essential oil containing methyl ether of ?-phenylethyl alcohol as principle constituent (70%). Essential oil obtained from blossoms (0.1- 0.3%) contains benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, geranio
Uses : Leaves are alexiteric, tonic and aphrodisiac, used in leprosy, small-pox, syphilis, scabies and leucoderma. Leaves and spadix are used in diabetes. The oil and otto obtained from the bracts are considered stimulant and antispasmodic and are administered i
Habit : Shrub