Murraya PANICULATA (L.) Jacq.

Synonym : M. exotica L.
Bangla Name : Kamini.
English Name : Orange Jessamine.
Family : Rutaceae
Disease : Stimulant, astringent, diarrhea and dysentery.
Description : A shrub or small tree. Leaves 10-13 cm long, pinnate, leaflets 3-7, ovate or obovate, or rhomboid, obtuse or obtusely acuminate and often notched at the tip, oblique at the base, 3.8-7.5 cm long. Flowers small, white, fragrant, in terminal and axillary, few or many-flowered corymbs. Berry 1.3-2 cm long, globose or ovoid.
Distribution : Cultivated in gardens as an ornamental plant.
Chemical Constituents : A large number of coumarins have been isolated from this plant. These compounds include murrangatin and isovalerates of murrangatin, minumicrolin, murralonginol and iso-murralonginol. It has also been reported to contain the indole alkaloids, chloculol an
Uses : Leaves are stimulant and astringent, infusion is administered for the treatment of diarrhoea and dysentery, decoction of the leaves is drunk in dropsy. Leaves are also beneficial in diseases of teeth and gum. Powdered leaves are used as an application to
Habit : Tree