Martynia ANNUA (Hous.) L.

Synonym : M. diandra Glox.
Bangla Name : Bagh noki, Bagh nakha, Bagh luchi.
English Name : Devil’s Claw, Snake’s Head, Tiger’s Claw.
Family : Pedaliaceae
Disease : Alexiteric, inflammations, epilepsy and sore throat.
Description : A tall, coarse clammy-pubescent herb, 0.9-1.2 m high. Leaves large, 15-23 cm long, cordate, sinuately lobed and minutely dentate. Flowers 6.3 cm long, pink or purple, foxglove-shaped, ill-smelling, drooping from a terminal erect racemes, 7.5-10 cm long.
Distribution : Rajshahi.
Chemical Constituents : Alkaloids, glycosides, tannins, carbohydrates and acidic substances have been found in the plant. It is rich in oxalic acid. The plant also contains a number of flavonoid compounds. Mature leaves and fruits contain hydroxyl benzoic, sinapic and gentisic a
Uses : Fruits are considered alexiteric, useful in inflammations. The leaves are used in epilepsy and tubercular glands of neck, juice is used as a gargle for sore throat.
Habit : Herb