Manilkara HEXANDRA (Roxb.) Dub.

Synonym : Mimusops hexandra Roxb.
Bangla Name : Khiluni, Sapada, Khibni, Khirkhejur.
English Name : -
Family : Sapotaceae
Disease : Astringent, tonic, fevers, demulcent, emollient, cooling, tonic, aphrodisiac,heart disease and leprosy.
Description : A large evergreen tree, with a shady crown. Leaves coriaceous 5-11.5 cm long obovate or oblong, rounded or emerginate at the apex. Flowers whitish, axillary, solitary or in fascicles of 2-6. Berry of the size and shape of an olive, reddish yellow when ripe.
Distribution : Occasionally planted.
Chemical Constituents : The plant contains ?-spinasterol, ?- and ?-amyrin acetate, ?- and ?-amyrin cinnamate, lupeol acetate, epifriedelinol, taraxerol, taraxeryl acetate, ursolic acid and a mixture of ?-sitosterol and stigmasterol. New triterpene ketone hexandrone and hexandrin
Uses : The bark has astringent and tonic properties. It is useful in fevers. Oil from seeds is demulcent and emollient. The fruit is cooling, tonic and aphrodisiac, good for heart and useful in leprosy.
Habit : Tree