Lygodium MICROPHYLLUM (Cau.) R. Br.

Synonym : Lygodium scandens var. intermedium Ces.
Ophioglossum filiforme Roxb.
Ugena microphylla Cav.
Bangla Name : Patilata fern (B), Mew Ma Klai (Marma).
English Name : -
Family : Lygodiaceae
Disease : Dysentery, skin diseases.
Description : A slender, graceful climbing fern. Fronds simply pinnate, pinnules petioled, 3-4 on each side of the zigzag rachis, with a terminal one which is more or less lobed, barren pinnae ovate-oblong, blunt, the margin subentire or rarely somewhat lobed, the base rounded or cordate, fertile ones short, deltoid, with generally a very rounded apex, and a square base and lobed round the margin.
Distribution : Chittagong and North Bengal.
Chemical Constituents : -
Uses : The decoction of the leaves is given in dysentery. Pounded leaves are applied in skin diseases and swellings to cure.
Habit : Climber