Lygodium JAPONICUM (Thunb.) Sw.

Synonym : Davallia scandens (Lour.) Sw.
Hydroglossum japonicum (Thunb.) Willd.
Ophioglossum japonicum Thunb.
Trichomanes cochinchinense Poir.
Bangla Name : -
English Name : -
Family : Lygodiaceae
Disease : Diuretic and cathartic, haematuria and mennorrhagia.
Description : A very slender and graceful, climbing fern. Pinnae are much smaller than L. flexuoum, with the pinnules smaller and finely cut, the fertile ones often so contracted that there is little or no lamina present.
Distribution : Chittagong and Khulna division occasional.
Chemical Constituents : -
Uses : The plant is expectorant. A decoction of the vegetative parts and spores is diuretic and cathartic, used in haematuria and mennorrhagia.
Habit : Climber