Leea asiatica (L.) Ridsdale.

Synonym : Leea crispa L.
Leea herbacea Buch.-Ham.
Leea pinnata Andrews
Phytolacca asiatica L.
Bangla Name : Ban Chalita.,Kara Giri (Marma).
English Name : -
Family : Leeaceae
Disease : Guineaworm and wounds.
Description : A rigid shrub, 1.3-2.5 m high, stem jointed, swollen above the joints, and together with the branches, peduncles, petioles, furnished with 6-8 short crisp wings. Leaves usually simply pinnate, leaflets oblong, parallel-sided, 10-18 cm long, acute, sharply serrate. Flowers small, greenish-white, in small terminal cymes. Berry 8 mm across, depressed globose, lobed, black.
Distribution : Forest of Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts.
Chemical Constituents : -
Uses : The tubers are used as a remedy for guineaworm. The leaves when bruised are applied to wounds.
Habit : Shrub