Synonym : Leea ancolona Miq.
Leea hirsuta Blume ex Spreng.
Leea hirta Roxb. ex Hornem.
Leea hispida Gagnep.
Bangla Name : Kakjangha.,Sine Sa Apang (Marma).
English Name : -
Family : Leeaceae
Disease : Astringent, anthelmintic, vulnerary, antipyretic, alexiteric, bronchitis, skin disease, dyspepsia, fever, leprosy, itching and ulcers.
Description : A shrub, 1.2-3 m high. Leaves 2-pinnate (the upper often simply pinnate or rarely simple), leaflets 7.5-18 cm long, oblong or ovate-oblong, acuminate, irregularly serrate. Flowers white, in short, compact, pubescent cymes. Berry 6 mm diam., depressed-globose, lobed, black.
Distribution : Forest of Chittagong and Sylhet.
Chemical Constituents : -
Uses : The stem is astringent. The root is astringent, anthelmintic, vulnerary, antipyretic and alexiteric, useful in bronchitis, anaesthesis of skin, dyspepsia, bilious fever, leprosy, itching and tuberculous ulcers.
Habit : Shrub