Homalomena aromatica (Spreng.) Schott.

Synonym : Calla aromatica (Spreng.) Roxb.
Zantedeschia aromatica Spreng.
Zantedeschia foetida K.Koch
Bangla Name : Kuchu gundubi., La Bang (Murong).
English Name : -
Family : Araceae
Disease : Aromatic, stimulant and influenza.
Description : Herbs, stem short. Leaves radical, long-petioled, 30 cm long, shape between cordate and sagitate, acuminate. Flowers many together from the axils and centre of the leaves. Spathe subcylindric, rather obtuse. Spadix subcylindric, obtuse, equaling or rather longer than the spathe, the upper two-thirds covered with many-celled anthers, the lower third with the ovaries. Berries oblong
Distribution : Forests of Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts and Cox’s Bazar.
Chemical Constituents : Rhizomes yield essential oil, which have different chemical constituents with diversified physicochemical characteristics (Asolkar et al., 1992).
Uses : Roots are aromatic, stimulant, useful in influenza.
Habit : Herb