Berberis aristata DC.

Synonym : BerberiscoccineaK.Koch
Bangla Name : Deshi Berbery
English Name :
Family : Berberidaceae
Disease : Constipation, carminative, ear diseases.
Description : It is characterized by an erect spiny shrub, ranging between 2 and 3 meters in height. It is a woody plant, with bark that appears yellow to brown from the outside and deep yellow from the inside. The bark is covered with three-branched thorns, which are modified leaves, and can be removed by hand in longitudinal strips. The leaves are arranged in tufts of 5-8 and are approximately 4.9 centimeters long and 1.8 centimeters broad. The leaves are deep green on the dorsal surface and light green on the ventral surface. The leaves are simple with pinnate venation. The leaves are leathery in texture and are toothed, with several to many small indentations along the margin of the leaf.
Distribution :
Chemical Constituents : Root bark rich in alkaloid content, berberine principal alkaloid.
Uses : The plant is used in Constipation, carminative, ear diseases.
Habit : Shrub