Colocasia AFFINIS Schott.

Synonym : Alocasia jenningsii Veitch
Colocasia affinis var. jenningsii (Veitch) Engl.
Colocasia bicolor C.L.Long & L.M.Cao
Bangla Name : -
English Name : -
Family : Araceae
Disease : Cataract.
Description : A herb, tuber small. Leaves 10-15 cm long, ovate or orbicular-ovate, base rounded, green with dark blotches between the nerves. Spathe 10-15 cm long, tumid, green, limb primrose yellow. Spadix with a narrow neck between the male and female inflorescence, appendage slender, narrowed to the tip, golden yellow.
Distribution : Chittagong Hill Tracts, on hill slopes in shade.
Chemical Constituents : -
Uses : Leaf and petiole are cooked as vegetables and are reported to be effective to treat cataract.
Habit : Herb