Alocasia INDICA (Roxb.) Schott.

Synonym : -
Bangla Name : Mankachu.
English Name : Great-leaved Caledium, Giant Taro.
Family : Araceae
Disease : Cooling,laxative,diuretic,piles,inflammations,rheumatism,leprosy,anasarca, jaundice,aphthae,astringent,diarrhoea and stomachache.
Description : : A robust herb with long, cylindrical caudex, up to 1.8 m. Leaves large 60-90 cm long, triangular-sagittate. Peduncle shorter than the petiole, spathe 20-30 cm, pale yellow, spadix equaling the spathe.
Distribution : Cultivated all over Bangladesh.
Chemical Constituents : Leaves, stalks, tubers and roots have a high content of soluble oxalates in the form of acicular crystal. All parts of the plant except the tuber contain cyanogenetic principles, a mixture of triglochinin and isotriglochinin and hydrolyzing enzymes. The p
Uses : The rootstock is cooling, mild laxative and diuretic, useful in piles, habitual constipation, inflammations, rheumatism, leprosy, anasarca, jaundice, diseases of spleen. The ash of the rootstocks mixed with honey is used in cases of aphthae. The leaf Juic
Habit : Herb