Citrus reticulata Blanco

Synonym : Citrus crenatifolia Lush.
Citrus deliciosa Ten.
Citrus papillaris Blanco
Citrus succosa Tanaka
Bangla Name : Komla,Komla lebu,Rhaw-show-sthei(Rakhaing).
English Name : Loose skinned orange
Family : Rutaceae
Disease : Tuberculosis, pneumonia
Description : Small trees. Branchlets numerous, with few spines. Leaves 1-foliolate; leaf blade lanceolate, elliptic, or broadly ovate, basal articulated part to leaf blade usually narrow or only a remnant, midvein furcate near apex, margin apically obtusely crenulate or rarely entire, apex emarginate. Flowers solitary to 3 in a fascicle. Calyx irregularly 3-5-lobed.. Stamens 20-25. Style long, slender; stigma clavate. Fruit pale yellow, orange, red, or carmine, oblate to subglobose, smooth or coarse; pericarp very thin to thick, easily removed, sweet to acidic and sometimes bitter, with few to many seeds or rarely seedless. Seeds usually ovoid, base rounded, apex narrow and acute; cotyledons dark green, pale green, or milky white; chalaza purple. Fl. Apr-May, fr. Oct-Dec.
Distribution : Moulvi Bazar,Moulvi Bazar,Khagrachari.
Chemical Constituents : Leaves and tender twigs yield an essential oil known as petitgrain oil, Essential oil contains 7-hydroxycoumarin geranyl ether. Dried peels give pectin and glucosides. Nobilitin and citrantin identical with hesperidin.Flowers gycosides neopesperidin and a
Uses : This plant is used in Tuberculosis, pneumonia.
Habit : small tree