Anethum sowa Roxb.ex Fleming

Synonym : Anethum graveolens subsp.sowa(Roxb. ex Fleming) N.F.Koren'
Bangla Name : Chiruli,sowa,salpha
English Name : Dill
Family : Apiaceae
Disease : Carminative, fever, pain
Description : Plants glabrous, strongly aromatic. Basal leaf blade broadly ovate, 3–4-pinnately dissected; ultimate segments narrow linear, Upper leaves smaller and less divided, petioles sheathing throughout. Umbels 5–15 cm across; rays 10–25; umbellules 15–25-flowered. Fruit brown; lateral ribs gray-white, narrowly winged. Fl. May–Aug, fr. Jul–Sep.
Distribution :
Chemical Constituents : The aerial parts are aromatic but most of the volatile oil is contained in the fruit (the so called seed). Seeds yield 3-3.5% essential oil and contains myristicin and apiol. Tripetroselinin, petroselinicdiolein and dipetroselinicolein from seed oil.Vicen
Uses : This plant is used in Carminative, fever, pain.
Habit : Herb