Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.

Synonym : Artocarpus brasiliensis Ortega
Artocarpus maximus Blanco
Artocarpus philippensis Lam.
Bangla Name : : Kanthal, Ludoo(Bawm),Hattol(Chakma),Panaingci(Chak),Teprong(Garo), Thibrong(Garo),Latmoui(Murong),
English Name : Jaca tree,Jack-Fruit,Jack wood.
Family : Moraceae
Disease : Skin diseases, diarrhoea, lactopenia, polymenorrhoea, rash, stomachache, toothache.
Description : Evergreen trees , bark thick, blackish-grey, mottled with green and black; exudation milky white latex; trunk with warty tubercles; leaves simple, alternate; stipules long, lateral, ovate-lanceolate, sheathing, glabrous, cauducous; petiole stout, grooved above, glabrous; lamina obovate, obovate-oblong, or elliptic-ovate, base acute, round or cuneate, apex acute or obtuse, margin entire; flowers unisexual, minute, yellowish-green, in spikes enclosed by spathe-like bracts, male from young branches, catkin narrow-cylindric; perianth 2-lobed, puberulous; stamen 1; filament somewhat flattened, stout; anthers ovate-oblong; female catkins from the trunk and mature branches; ovary, superior, globose-obovoid; style exserted; stigma spathulate. fruit a sorosis oblong, tuberculate, tubercles conical yellowish-green, fruiting perianth yellow to light orange, fleshy; seeds elliptic-oblong, smooth, glossy.
Distribution : This species found throughout Bangladesh.
Chemical Constituents : Fruit is a rich source of carbohydrates and essential amino acids. Latex from fruits contains cycloartenone, cycloartenol, ?-sitosterol, tyrosine, valine. Cycloarteny acetate, cycloartenol and cycloartenone from bark. ?-sitosterol, betuhnic and ursolic ac
Uses : The plant is used in Skin diseases, diarrhoea, lactopenia, polymenorrhoea, rash, stomachache, toothache.
Habit : Tree