Asarum europaeum L.

Synonym : Asarum officinaleMoench
Asarum renifoliumStokes
Asarum reniformeGilib.
Asarum rotundifoliumSt.-Lag.
Bangla Name : Shogandhabala
English Name : -
Family : Aristolochiaceae
Disease : Jaundice, liver weakness
Description : The plant is a perennial and has prostrate stems that each bear 2 reniform (i.e. kidney-shaped) leaves with long petioles. The upper surface of the leaves is shiny and they have a pepper-like taste and smell. There are also 2 to 3 stipules present that occur in two rows opposite each other on the stem. the flowers are solitary, terminal and nodding. The flower tube is composed of fused tepals that ends with 3 petal-like projections that are brownish towards their ends and dark purple toward the centre. There are 12 stamens present. The flowers emerge in the late winter and spring.
Distribution : -
Chemical Constituents :
Uses : Jaundice, liver weakness
Habit : Herb