Fumaria indica (Hausskn.)Pugsley

Synonym : Fumaria parvifloravar.indica (Hausskn.) Parsa
Fumaria vaillantiivar.indicaHausskn.
Bangla Name : Bonshapla,Bon mosur
English Name : Fine-leaved Fumitory
Family : Papaveraceae
Disease : Constipation, oxytocie, skin diseases
Description : Small, delicate, much branched, leafy, diffuse herb, glaucous, glabrous. Leaves long-stalked to subsessile, much dissected, 2-3 -pinnatisect or decompound, with (2-) 3-5 pairs of lateral pinnae and a terminal one; pinnae long-petioluled to subsessile, leaf-opposed; bracts linear, submembranous, whitish. Pedicel erect. Flowers long, usually white or pale pinkish. Sepals minute,, sometimes obsolete or inconspicuous, laciniate-dentate, whitish, membranous. Upper petal with very short suborbicular, slightly oblong and obscurely downcurved spur. Fruit suborbicular, with usually rounded apex when mature (slightly or minutely apiculate when young), slightly or obscurely keeled (on the margins corresponding to pedicel margins), keel more distinct in slightly young fruits, somewhat rugose when dried and with 2 obscure apical pits, 1-seeded; seed brownish.
Distribution : -
Chemical Constituents : -
Uses : Constipation, oxytocie, skin diseases
Habit : Herb