Botany Terms

Name Structure/ Category Description
Aggregate of a flower clustered in a dense mass or head; of a fruit formed from the several separate or fused ovaries of a single flower
Aggregate fruit [Fruits] {type} A cluster of fruits that stick together or are fused, originating from two or more separate pistils contained within a single flower, as in jackfruity (Artocarpus).
Alternate [Leaves] {insertion} Positioned singly at different heights on the stem; one leaf occurring at each node.
Ament an indeterminate spicate inflorescence bearing scaly bracts and apetalous unisexual flowers (as in the willow)
Androecium A collective term for all the stamens and any closely associated structures in a flower.
Angiosperm [Plants] {major group} Plants that bear their seeds enclosed in an ovary; the flowering plants.
Annual [Plants] {life span} Normally living one year or less; growing, reproducing, and dying within one cycle of seasons.
Anther The pollen-producing portion of the stamen typically borne at the tip of a stalk or filament.
Anthocarp a fruit with some portion of the flower besides the pericarp persisting, as in a pome with the fleshy perianth tube surrounding the pericarp (h)
Apex The portion of a plant structure (such as a leaf, bud, stem, etc.) farthest from its point of attachment or uppermost; the tip.